Engagement with thousands of metal fans in one day. Guaranteed!


My name is Dima, I'm The Owner of Cats and Metal Media, the unique social media outlet with half of a million real followers combined across all platforms. Our content has 1 to 10 mln monthly reach and frequently goes viral getting millions of views per one video.
Also as a metalhead and musician myself I know how struggling it is for the band to find an audience so I created a very interesting, effective and fun way to do that.

So I’m excited to offer you a new fun and creative way to connect with thousands of metal fans worldwide IN JUST ONE DAY.

No fake streams, no bots, only organic promotion and genuine engagement from real people.
Sounds too good to be true, but I know the formula that works and I’m going to share it with you in a moment. But first…

what is the most popular and consumable content on the internet?

and the answer is…

cats doing funny things and… music videos

So here is the secret formula to get thousands of views:


and I use this formula to win the internet, everyday.

And we can do it together with


Here are some cases when cats and metal

helped to win a promotional game big time:

And there is a real chance that this can happen with you too! Just follow the lead:

Price wise I do this project for the sake of fun and creativity, and also being a metal artist myself I do care about the needs and budgets of my fellow metalheads, so I keep my prices affordable. although an industry standard for pricing is roughly 100$ per every 10k followers. We also give back to community by donating a part of the earnings to animal shelters and buying music on Bandcamp during Bandcamp Fridays.
Story post - 30$
we will share any of your bands instagram reels in our stories for 24 hours to give your content a boost in views (2-3k views at least)
Regular reel - 125$
A great piece of content but without any lyrics of your song. Great option for instrumental parts of your song

Lyric reel - 150$

the most effective format (and most likeable among our followers) here we put your music to the cat videos along with the lyrics of your song
Feed post - 200$
we will "catify" your release artwork and post it on our page with an engaging caption. Our followers love that type of content

What We Guarantee?

Fun and creative content viewed by thousands of people! We promise at least 30k views in the first 72 hours*. If your video will not reach this number of views, we will make another one for free!

*But we don't guarantee you getting famous instantly though, there are a lot of factors and hard work should be involved into getting somewhere in your music career, but we believe Cats and Metal is a good way to help to engage with new audiences and give your music a nice boost with a chance for some epic things to happen

How We Work:

  1. Send us your song (Spotify, Youtube, mp3 etc) and social media links
  2. We will send you the draft of the video within 7 days after your payment has been processed. We accept PayPal, Payoneer and crypto
  3. After receiving your final approval, we will post the reel, tagging your Instagram account and inviting you as a collaborator. This ensures the reel will appear on both of our feeds.
  4. You will receive all notifications regarding how people engage with the reel, allowing you to see their reactions firsthand and interact with them directly

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us an email via dima@catsandmetal.com. Thanks for your attention and reading till the end!

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