Get your music in front of millions active listeners
We offer you a feature on Cats and Metal, a completely unique and
one-of-a-kind media outlet, where we combine
metal music with cat videos!
So here is the deal: we can get your music into eyes and ears of millions of people by putting a fragment of your track into our short vertical cat videos.

Everyone loves cat videos, it's the second most watched content in the world (after pron).

So imagine the captivating power of cat videos combined with your music: tens of thousands of people will actually HEAR your music, because its impossible to enjoy a cat video without the sound. Plus, social networks enable sound automatically while you scroll the feed.
Content marketing is King!
Reels, Shorts, TikToks, Collabs with Creators is the current reality we live in and if you want to effectively and elegantly (like a cat) hop into that wagon, Cats and Metal are here for you!
What you'll get from the feature
  • Organic Streams
    People hear your music in a reel and then stream it on Spotify or other streaming platforms

  • Followers
    When posting a reel we collaborate with the band's Instagram and TikTok accounts to drive traffic there.
  • Spotify Playlist
    Every song that we feature in our reels gets into our Spotify playlist on the first spot and then goes down as new reels pop up.
  • Forever Placement
    Your reel will stay in the feed forever and will keep getting views and attention because our channel grows daily by 1-3k followers.
If your reel will not get 30k views in the first 72 hours - we will make another one for free!
Our Prices
a vertical video with 7-15 sec fragment of your song synced to the action of a cat

a reel with lyrics (like karaoke), to get even more attention to the music and lyrics
sharing any of the band's Instagram reels in our stories to boost views (3k views at least, 8-9k at best)
for 24h
Highlights placement
we will add your reel or story in the highlights section for 14 days for additional exposure
14 days
Reasons to deal with CATS AND METAL
  • 1
    Huge following and social reach
    230k organic followers in less than 3 months only on IG and TT, 6-9 mln accounts monthly reach
  • 2
    Run by metalheads
    we enjoy heavy music in the first place, our team consists of active musicians, so we know what an artist needs
  • 3
    Constant Growth
    We have hundreds of followers adding to our pages daily
  • 4
    Respect in the industry
    our page is liked, shared, followed and collaborated with celebrities and industry media channels e.g. Gary Holt (ex-Slayer, Exodus), Scott Ian (Anthrax), Ray Luzier (Korn), Metal Injection, Sid Wilson (Slipknot), Kurt Balou (Converge), Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth), Rex Brown (Pantera) and countless others
  • 5
    Good members of community
    we are good members of community, we support animals and artist and constantly donate to animal shelters and buy bands music on Bandcamp
  • 6
    Low prices
    an industry standard for pricing is roughly 100$ per every 10k followers, but we understand our audience and keep our prices affordable
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